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Demonstration Friday in GR

I don't know how anyone in this group feels about the Iraq War but I thought I'd repost this info from the Kent County D.F.A. (Democracy for America) meet-up group, which was e-mailed to me this morning.  EDIT: Apparently, this is a re-post of a post...the event is sponsored by the West Michigan Justice and Peace Coalition in conjunction with the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice.  Whew.  Just trying to keep it all accurate...per Media Mouse.

Friday, January 19, at the G.R. Ford Federal Building in
downtown Grand Rapids on Michigan Street & Ionia, at 12:00 noon.

We're trying to encourage peace groups to demonstrate at all of
Carl Levin's Michigan offices.  The Michigan Emergency
Committee Against War & Injustice has called for a protest to
demand "Cut off funding for the war!"  The Democrats have
indicated they won't try to stop funding - so the demonstration
is outside Senator Carl Levin's Grand Rapids office. The impact
of even a few people at each office would be significant. Now
is the time to be heard to press for a complete cut off of
funds to the Bush administration - the only way to end the war.

Received from Tom Hayden:
Your senator Levin is a real obstacle to getting democrats to
oppose bush on funding for the surge. I don't know his reasons.
It could be that he's a loner, carrying somebody's gradualist
agenda, responding to somebody in Michigan.

If anyone else has any events/groups to report on, please do.  I live in Ionia, MI so you can imagine just how uninteresting local politics is out here...
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