joethecabdriver (joethecabdriver) wrote in gr_politics,


The death camps are in Canada!!

Don’t you liberals know that the death camps
Are in Canada?

Bet you didn’t know that oral sex
Was considered sodomy
And therefore illegal
Until the Supreme Court legalized
Sodomy last year

And that’s why 22% of the electorate
Showed up

Because they don’t want their daughters
To be sodomized by

Metro sexual atheist liberal pussyasses
Who want to flee to Canada
Every time their party loses
an election

But there is a surprise for you

The death camps are in Canada

In the Arctic Circle

Where THEY( George Bush, The Military Industrial Complex, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, your mother, whoever, ect)

Shall force you to build your own igloo

And in this igloo shall be placed
A Gideon’s Bible

Because the Gideon’s know
That you look at porno

And before we can have
Peace, equality, economic stability
They must take away the porno
Because society will fall apart
If we do not have sexual conformity
You shall never ever have an outlet
When your wife or girlfriend is frigid

Death igloos in Canada for you!

It was all just a plot to get you there

You thought you’d enjoy low crime,
Loose women, and free health care

Well, here’s your free health care


Oh, you cheap, lazy, impotent bastards

Death igloos in Canada for you.
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