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This is a community for Grand Rapids area residents to discuss politics and hopefully be more informed while hearing and expressing viewpoints from all perspectives.

This requires posters to be respectful to each other in posts or comments. And while you don't have to necessarily respect a viewpoint, it would definitely help to get your point across if you are calm and dignified in your writing, rather than saying things like, "BUSH IS A F***ING MONKEY" or "KERRY IS A MASSACHUUUSSETTTS FLIP-FLOP KETCHUP MANNNNNNN."

I'll keep my bias out of it completely, so if things get out of hand from ANY side, I will, as your moderator, take swift action. This includes deleting posts, freezing comment threads, and banning members if those lighter measures fail to do anything.

I'm nathew, by the way. I could use a co-mod, so let me know if you'd like the position.

Remember, the goal of this community is to INFORM, not sling mud. Also, to get rid of political flamewars that infest grandrapidsmi from time to time.

Have a nice day and remember to VOTE!!!!